What is The Slush Party?

  • The Slush Party is an ice & snow club event unlike any other.
    Daylush is taking the club scene to the next level by putting a twist to your clubbing experience like never before. 

Is it mandatory to register an account with DayLush?

    • No. It is optional for you to open an account with us.


    What is the age limit to attend your events?

    • Only age 18 & above. ID will be checked at the door. 

    What is the minimum dress code requirement?

    • Stylish, smart casual, clubby.

    How do I redeem my free beer?

    • Simply enter into our guestlist and redeem your beer coupon at our event. If you have registered for your friends, you can redeem mutliple beer coupons only in the event that they are present with youFree beer is only limited to 1 per guest


      Does Daylush offer any refunds?

      • Yes. If our event has been cancelled or postponed, we will offer a refund on your purchased ticket.

      Do I need to open a Paypal account to receive my refunds?

      • Yes. If you do not have an existing PayPal account, you will need to open a Paypal account after receiving your refund from us.

      How long does it take to receive my refunds to my paypal account?

      • Most of the time, it will be transferred instantly to your Paypal account.

      Why am I not receiving the full amount of my Refunds in my Paypal account?

      • This is because Paypal may have deducted a certain amount from your account for service fees as imposed by them. You may consult Paypal if you encounter such matters. 

      What if I do not accept my refunds or do not open an account with Paypal?

      • We will assume that you have rejected your refund and they will be credited back to DayLush. You have 30 days to accept your refund or open an account with Paypal.